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  • Spider & Bug Control
  • Residual Effects
  • Legal & Labeled
  • Not Chemically Toxic
  • Relatively Mild
hosting plan ico 2 Poultry Houses
  • Mite & Beetle Control
  • No Known Resistance
  • Legal & Labeled
  • No Fumes/Flammability
  • Waste Non-Hazardous
hosting plan ico 3 Grain Elevators
  • Weevil & Moth Control
  • Long Term Protection
  • Legal & Labeled
  • Non-Explosive Dust
  • For Organic Production

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About Us

AMS, Inc. has been a distributor for Insecto in the state of Arkansas since 1994. For several years, AMS sold Insecto primarily for the protection of stored grain. Over the years, AMS continued to find that Insecto provides great protection against infestation against stored grain “bug” pests.


In 2001, AMS began efforts to introduce Insecto into the poultry production industry. It took some time to understand how to effectively treat for the pests in this challenging application. But, Insecto has also been used with great success in controlling common bug pests that often infest poultry houses.


Though AMS could already sell Insecto to home users, in 2009 AMS also became able to provide home pest control services in the state of Arkansas. Previous experiences had long before indicated that Insecto was also very effective for the control of bug pests in the home. Of special concern was the brown recluse spider whose bite can be troublesome and damaging to people. It appeared that common pest control methods are often very unsatisfactory in controlling brown recluse. Since Insecto has tremendous residual capabilities, it can be a very important key to greater and longer control of these relatively dangerous little spiders. Home users often may not have the equipment or training to understand how to effectively control pests, so AMS has expanded into these services as well.


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