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Grain Elevators

I built my bins in 1996 and used Insecto in them from the beginning.  As of 2009, I have never had grain bugs.  This was even true when I carried my old crop rice until August of the following year. ~ T. Greeno

I’ve used Insecto for over 10 years and had no problems with grain bugs.  That (Insecto) is great stuff.  I’d recommend it to anyone. ~ R. Boward

Insecto is tremendously effective in controlling stored grain pests. Since Insecto doesn’t dissipate, it can provide long term protection for $.01 per bushel or less. The cost is so insignificant, especially considering how much money can be virtually thrown away by the problems that come from not preventing infestation (repeated fumigation, quality discounts, freight for rejected loads).


Many times the treatment of an entire empty storage unit is as simple as pouring some Insecto into a fan intake (while the fan is running). Treating the top surface of grain can be done with a 5 gallon bucket and leaf blower. The bottom surface of grain can often be treated by the fan intake method also. Often the ease of treatment, especially compared to “wash down” methods, is surprising.


Other pest management factors, especially keeping grain dry, are important for effective control also. More information is available on this site (see menu to the left).  You may also directly contact AMS for more information.


Insecto is a DE (diatomaceous earth) based pesticide that doesn’t kill by chemical toxicity, but rather mechanical action. If you have bugs that are resistant to chemicals or you want to avoid making bugs chemically resistant, Insecto is an excellent pesticide choice. Modern concerns with chemical pollution of natural and human environments (including applicator safety) also make Insecto an attractive option. Insecto is even labeled for organic production.



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