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Poultry Houses

As a commercial poultry housing pesticide applicator, I was looking for a new product to which poultry pests would not be resistant.  After receiving information about Insecto, I used it in my own poultry houses and in my application business.  I have found Insecto to be very effective against darkling beetle infestation in broiler houses and against mites in breeder houses.  Though I will apply chemically operating treatments for clients who request it, Insecto is my preferred pesticide. ~ C & A Poultry

Bug pests are an expensive problem for the poultry industry. Darkling Beetles and their larva (Lesser Mealworms) can reach massive populations in poultry houses and consume feed, damage insulation, promote disease and parasites, and negatively affect feed conversion when birds eat them. Mites can also cause considerable problems in reducing egg production in breeder houses. For more information click HERE.


Several years ago, AMS introduced Insecto into poultry house treatment. Insecto has been very effective in controlling darkling beetle and mite infestations. AMS has also found that proper treatment procedures in addition to a good pesticide (such as Insecto) are very important for effective control. Please contact AMS for more information about proper treatment procedures. AMS has a large distribution range throughout the Southern United States for certain poultry related sales. Even those outside of our range may contact us for information.


Insecto is a DE (diatomaceous earth) based pesticide that doesn’t kill by chemical toxicity, but rather mechanical action. Insecto also contains ingredients designed keep bugs from avoiding the dust as would likely be their instinctive reaction. If you have bugs that are resistant to chemicals or you want to avoid making bugs chemically resistant, Insecto is an excellent pesticide choice. Modern concerns with chemical pollution of natural and human environments (including applicator safety) also make Insecto an attractive option. Insecto is even labeled for organic production.



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