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Target Pests

The prime target of AMS Insecto treatment is the Brown Recluse spider. But, the paper wasp can be an important target species as well. AMS treatment may also give protection from ants, roaches, bed bugs, fleas and other "bug" pests.

However, AMS has no licensed person for the control of termites and does not provide termite pest control services. Termite control is in a separate classifcation in Arkansas from other pest control services. The habits of termites may make it unlikely that they would come in enough contact with Insecto anyway.

AMS Insecto treatments are also ineffective against vertebrate pests like rodents or birds (though it can help provide protection from invertebrate pests that accompany rodents or birds as parasites). Though some homeowners may wish that Insecto was effective against vertebrates, it is this very ineffectiveness against higher creatures that makes Insecto a relatively safe and mild pesticide for areas near one's personal environment. Remember that Insecto is not chemically poisonous, but attacks bugs "mechanically" based on their very different body size and design.


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