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hosting plan ico 1 Home Treatment
  • Spider & Bug Control
  • Residual Effects
  • Legal & Labeled
  • Not Chemically Toxic
  • Relatively Mild
hosting plan ico 2 Poultry Houses
  • Mite & Beetle Control
  • No Known Resistance
  • Legal & Labeled
  • No Fumes/Flammability
  • Waste Non-Hazardous
hosting plan ico 3 Grain Elevators
  • Weevil & Moth Control
  • Long Term Protection
  • Legal & Labeled
  • Non-Explosive Dust
  • For Organic Production

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Insecto is a “natural insecticide” with many uses.  Some uses are:

(1)  control of mites, lice and beetles in poultry housing

(2)  control of weevils, beetles and moths in grain storage

(3)  control of brown recluse spiders in homes


What is AMS, Inc.?  AMS is both a distributor for the product Insecto (in a broad area) and a provider of application services (in a more limited area)!  AMS is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  But AMS sells Insecto to the poultry industry outside the state with a range that covers a large area of the southern U.S.  One does not have to use AMS application services in order to purchase Insecto from AMS.


Please look at the specific usage areas of home, poultry housing or grain storage for more information.  If you are interested in our product and/or services, please contact us.


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